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Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Jiachen Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of shielding and sound insulation equipment. The company has a plant area of over 7,000 square meters, 5 shielding and soundproofing equipment assembly lines and 19 large-scale machining equipment. The company has passed IS09001: 2015 international quality management system certification and IS014001: 2015 international environmental management system certification.

After more than ten years of development and precipitation, the company has strong technical strength and nearly 40 engineers and technicians, including 2 doctoral students and 5 master students. It has developed and produced nearly 4,000 kinds of shielding and soundproofing equipment. The performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, and more than 70 technical patents have been authorized, including 3 invention patents.

In 2009, the company set up an automation research center, focusing on the development of automated test stations. It has developed and produced a number of automated production equipment such as complete modular automation test stations, router automation test stations, automatic labeling machines, robots, etc., and has authorized more than 40 technical patents, including 2 invention patents.In order to serve our partners more quickly, our company has branches in Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi'an, Nanning, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other places, covering Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Brazil and other countries. And area.

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