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What are the main applications of shielding box?

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The function of the shielding box is to limit the radiation electromagnetic energy inside the equipment to go beyond a certain area, and to prevent the external radiation electromagnetic energy from entering a certain area. What fields are the shielding boxes mainly used in?


The application fields of shielding box mainly include: wireless communication test, EMI test, coupling test, RF function test, receiver sensitivity test, Bluetooth, DAB / DMB, small UHF equipment EMI and EMS test, machine, Bluetooth, wireless router and other equipment, complete machine or chip test, etc.

What are the main applications of shielding box?

The most typical wireless communication test applications are:

RF testing technology is usually the most complex and influential process in the production line of wireless communication equipment such as mobile phones, and it is also the bottleneck of the production line. RF test station is usually composed of test instrument, shielding box, test software and so on. It can be divided into calibration test, comprehensive test, antenna test and so on. Due to the requirement of production capacity, the RF test process is usually run in parallel by several same test stations. The passing rate of one or some test stations is low; the production line bottleneck and production cost will increase sharply if the output is reduced. The reasons can be roughly divided into: product design or material reasons, test problems (false test problems), radio-frequency interference and other environmental factors, and test uncertainty.

Electromagnetic interference / EMI is a problem that must be faced and overcome in the whole electronic field. Generally, in wireless communication products, such as mobile phones, wireless network cards, wireless routers, wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphones, Wi Fi, WiMAX, data cards, walkie talkies, RFID and other wireless communication equipment and wireless communication modules, during the board test and final test, RF test is used Shielding box to improve the test environment.

The above is the introduction of the main application fields of the shielding box. Jiachen technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of shielding box and speaker box. It provides manual shielding box, full-automatic shielding box, pneumatic shielding box, etc. you can call for consultation if you need.

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