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How many kinds of screen doors are commonly used in screen r

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There are several kinds of screen doors commonly used in the screen room. Screen doors are an important part of the screen room. Therefore, we should be very careful in the selection of screen door design. In this article, Jiachen will share with you the following types of screen doors commonly used in the screen room:


How many kinds of screen doors are commonly used in screen room?

1、 Automatic screen door, motor as the driving source, drives the worm gear and worm mechanism to realize the rotation action of opening and closing the door; compared with other hydraulic or pneumatic transmission modes, the mechanical transmission is more reliable, with low noise and no pollution. The door frame is equipped with a password lock or IC card lock, which can be connected with various access control systems at the same time. The door can be automatically opened and closed by cooperating with electric locking, saving manpower.

2、 Pneumatic translation screen door, with a variety of control functions, easy operation, reliable operation, etc., especially the process of opening and closing does not occupy the use space of the screen room, suitable for welding or assembly screen room. It has a variety of control modes, such as full-automatic (IC card control), semi-automatic (button control) and manual control; anti extrusion control; automatic electrical control; it adopts advanced and reliable logic circuit to realize full-automatic control, and can customize control logic.

3、 The electric lock screen door has high and stable shielding performance, but the door is bulky to close and open. All mechanical transmission is adopted. As the driving source of motor, the whole deceleration and rotation motion are converted into reciprocating motion and bevel motion, which are all realized by mechanical motion. The reciprocating motion transmitted by the gear rack can realize the locking and opening of the door through the bevel mechanism, and the movement is stable and noiseless. When the door leaf is rotated by manpower and air to a set angle, the opening and closing signal is triggered to realize the opening and closing of the door.

Several of the commonly used screen doors in the above screen room are introduced here. The screen door is the only movable part of the screen room, and also the key to the comprehensive shielding efficiency of the screen room. It has a high technical content, special materials, and extremely complex process, with 426 processes in total. Shenzhen Jiachen Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of speaker box, mobile phone shield box and Bluetooth shield box. It provides the customized manual shield box, speaker box, mobile phone shield box and Bluetooth shield box.

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