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Why should noise be isolated, muted and controlled in indust

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Why should noise be isolated, silenced and controlled in the industrial environment? In the industrial environment, noise is not only unpleasant, it may also cause some loss of productivity. Noise induced hearing loss will lead to higher workers' compensation requirements and higher insurance costs. Too much noise interferes with people's communication. Continuous noise exposure can also lead to fatigue, which usually leads to accidents and reduces the efficiency and quality of work.

Why should noise be isolated, muted and controlled in industrial environment?


In terms of prevention of occupational hearing loss: a practical guide, the National Institute of occupational safety and health discusses several strategies for dealing with workplace noise. In short, they include:

1. Prevent or control excessive noise in hazardous work areas.

2. Use barriers (speakers or soundproof rooms) to control workers' contact with hazards.

3. If there is no noise in the noisy workplace at first, then you have no problem. If only it were that simple. However, there are more than one kind of noise pollution, which may have point source noise and overall noise.

4. Point source noise is audible and can be traced back to the kinetic energy of a specific device. These may include industrial machines, presses, pumps, blowers and generators.

5. The overall noise is uncontrollable and there is no recognizable source. This will include noise from dialogue, tools and small and medium-sized machines in industrial environments.

6. What's more, the frequency of noise can affect you in different ways. Fatigue and nausea are usually caused by low frequency vibrations, while high frequency can cause pain and hearing loss.

7. Finally, reverberation can disrupt communication and lead to higher noise levels. Reverberation is caused by the reflection of sound waves from a hard surface. Usually this is experienced in the gym.

There are many different products that can help control noise. Once you have identified the source, you can learn to control it. Some strategies include:

First create a shell or barrier to help suppress the noise, then install the sound-absorbing material, because now it's closed and we don't want it to bounce around. Some machines or equipment also need to be equipped with vibration brackets, which can be quiet if they have something that can help absorb the noise between them and the surface they are attached to.

Why should noise be isolated, muted and controlled in the industrial environment? Noise is harmful outside the workplace. High noise level and reverberation are also common problems in non industrial environments. Problems often arise in gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, multi-purpose rooms, churches and other large public spaces. Unwelcome and uncontrolled sounds not only backfire, but also hinder the intended use of the room. It can also cause fatigue, pain and hearing loss.

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