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The Bluetooth radio frequency automated test system based on the Chinese operating interface developed by Anntsu MT8852B instrument provides all tests of BLE, BascRate and EDR, such as output power, power control, modulation characteristics, initial stamping tolerance, wave frequency source. Simultaneous shifting, single-slot sensitivity, multi-time spurt, maximum input level, etc., can also automatically check products such as Bluetooth name, version, module, power, etc., combined with service management functions, can improve production quality and production efficiency .


Automatic RF test project of dual Bluetooth headset:

1. Including all mt8852b test items;

2. Additional items of automation system:

3. Bluetooth software version test

4. Equipment name test

5. Pass / fail is automatically determined in one pull two duplex test, which improves the test efficiency by 70%

Automatic RF test data processing of dual Bluetooth headset:

1. Save all test data in Excel file

2. All test reports are saved one-to-one with Bluetooth address name and test time as file name

3. The report folder is automatically created every day, and the daily service report is divided into pass and fail folders, which are automatically saved to facilitate data processing and analysis

4. All data reports can be connected to MES system, and can cooperate with customer MES system engineer to complete data connection

Main features of automatic RF test for dual Bluetooth headset

1. Complete all RF tests based on the Bluetooth standard test instrument mt8852. The test results are standard and reliable. The test time is 135t5spcs (recommended test settings)

2. The Chinese interface automation test software optimizes the instrument settings, which can be used by employees through simple training

3. Can communicate with the product, and check the Bluetooth name, version, module, power and other factory settings

4. It can be configured as "one drag two tests" to improve the instrument dynamic rate and production output to the greatest extent;

5. The data is saved in the form of database and excel, which is very convenient for data statistics and analysis;

6. Ergonomic operation platform, comfortable and convenient operation for employees, not easy to fatigue, suitable for the operation environment of production line;

7. Software components of production process control system (barcode control system), control product quality (optional)

8. Server management function, enabling R & D and quality control to control production status and quality, and comprehensively guarantee quality (optional)

9. Seamless 7-inch connection with MES, real-time storage of test results and data in database, real-time analysis of yield and various data.

List of automatic RF test system for dual Bluetooth headset:

1. Ergonomic operation platform and supporting fixture

2. Industrial control PC and supporting keyboard and mouse display

3. Anritsu mt8852b

4.GPIB card

5. Standard RF signal shielding box

6. High performance antenna coupler

7. High performance RF signal wire

8. Automatic test software (including development customization)

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